The official launch event for The Seventh Sun occurred April 27, at Eagle Eye Book Shop in Decatur, GA

Fiction with a scientific angle has seen a major renaissance in recent years, from The Martian to The Circle to apocalyptic novels like Wool.

From Mystery Tribune: The Seventh Sun is a science-based thriller about Black Swans: not the bird, but the event. Black swan events are those sudden and unpredictable disasters that tend to turn our world upside down.
There were many times when I wondered if this day would ever arrive, but the final hardcover copies of The Seventh Sun have arrived in bookstores. This represents a culmination of several years of drafts, queries, edits, publicity, and general mayhem.

Book signing events and panel presentations are not only a way to interact with readers, they're great for meeting fellow authors as well.  Every year the Palm Beach County Library organization hosts a panel of debut authors who get to hone t

Ahh, the lure of the writer's cabin. The vision of sitting in peaceful isolation while the muse flits to and fro, creating artistry on the page.

Book festivals are a great way to bring authors and readers together, and the state of Georgia happens to be blessed with two of the nation's top festivals: the Decatur Book Festival and last week's Savannah Book Festival.  “The Savannah Book

The official website of Kent Lester has been redesigned to take full advantage of social networking and social media.

The fifth edition of The Complete Guide to Contracting Your Home now has a far superior Kindle version.  Prior versions of Contracting would not have been appropriate for Kindles, due to their formatting.  Since the forth edition was

This day has been dreaded by publishers and authors for a decade now.  Much like the passing of a cherished relative, denial is inevitable, publishers in particular.  But the printed book’s death rattle is obvious for those who are paying att