Tor-Forge Picks Up The Seventh Sun


The Seventh Sun hits the big time.  Tor-Forge, an imprint of Macmillian Publishing, has picked up The Seventh Sun and its sequel, in a recent two-book hardcover deal.  The Seventh Sun will be released some time in the spring of 2016 and its sequel will be available about a year later.

Despite the meteoric changes in the publishing industry and the rise of e-books, traditional hardcover publishing still rules the roost for distribution, media attention, and validity.

And I couldn't be happier to be a member of the Tor-Forge group.  Forge will be the "official" imprint for The Seventh Sun.

Tor's author list includes such well-known authors as Cory Doctorow, Kevin J. Anderson, Steven Brust, Orson Scott Card, Jonathan Carroll, Philip K. Dick, Terry Goodkind, Steven Gould, Brian Herbert, Robert Jordan, Andre Norton, Harold Robbins, Brandon Sanderson, Skyler White, and Gene Wolfe.

The parent company, Tom Doherty Associates, is still run by its founder, Tom Doherty, who has over thirty-five years in the business.  His long-time legacy and experience in the industry shows.

Doherty Associates is known as one of the most prolific publishers of science fiction (Tor) and science-based thrillers. (Forge)  In an industry dominated by the "Big Five," Doherty Associates is still run like a family business. Their support for authors is well known, and I'm excited to be one of the latest members of the family!