General FAQS about writing

Here are some general answers to common questions. 

Faq Q&A

How can I contact Kent?

There is a contact form at the bottom of the page for that purpose.  Kent tries to answer each query, but it may take some time, between writing and promoting his books.

When will we see The Seventh Sun?

The Seventh Sun will be released in Hardcover and E-book format on April 18, 2017.  If you pre-order the book, it will ship on that day and may help to raise the book's status as a best seller.  So order early for yourself, and your friends!

Can I purchase Kent's books as Audiobooks?

In the case of the novels, yes.  Kent has a contract with Audible and the audio version should be available near the release date of the corresponding book.

Is The Seventh Sun part of a series of books?

Yes.  Dan Clifford and Rachel Sullivan will be back for several sequels.  Each book in the series will see them grow into their new roles.

When will the next book be released?

Generally speaking, books will come out approximately one per year, although times will vary depending on Kent's schedule and obligations.

Do most authors write both fiction and non-fiction?

It's certainly not unusual for fiction authors to write non-fiction books on topics covered in their novels.  However, it is unusual to find authors who write fiction and non-fiction in two completely unrelated fields.  Kent started as a non-fiction author and his fiction career is fairly new.