Palm Beach Peril was a Success

A panel of debut authors from the International Thriller Writers organization presents to a room of avid readers.

Debut Authors

Book signing events and panel presentations are not only a way to interact with readers, they're great for meeting fellow authors as well.  Every year the Palm Beach County Library organization hosts a panel of debut authors who get to hone their skills in front of a crowd of avid readers.  This year's event was called "Palm Beach Peril" I suppose because of the "dangerous" nature of our writing. LOL. Since West Palm Beach is a retiree haven, the audience usually has plenty of time to try out new writers and their debut novels.

Writer panel
From left to right, Meg Gardiner, Mark Spivak, Elena Hartwell, Kimberly Howe, and me.  And no, despite appearances, the Freedom Broker is not my book, but I can't wait to read it, Kimberly's first published novel!

This year's panel was made up of five debut novelists and one established veteran.  Meg Gardiner anchored the group with her series of mystery thrillers.  The rest of us were neophytes, just breaking in our debut novels and worrying about book "two." The debut authors included Elena Hartwell, Kimberly (KJ) Howe, Lili Wright, Mark Spivak, and me, of course.  The panel was hosted by Oline Cogdill.

Lili Wright
Lili Wright discussing her award-winning novel, Dancing With the Tiger

For a debut writer, any book event is a chicken and egg situation.  On one hand, you need the marketing attention, but a debut novel seldom draws much of a crowd, so these types of sponsored events are great ways to get valuable experience and coverage.

Palm Beach Library
This Palm Beach library branch was impressive and huge.

After the event we all went out for dinner and got to know one another.  There are some seriously good writers in this bunch.  Check out their books!