New Kindle Version of Contracting

Contracting's fifth edition brings more to the e-book format.

Complete Guide to Contracting, fifth edition

The fifth edition of The Complete Guide to Contracting Your Home now has a far superior Kindle version.  Prior versions of Contracting would not have been appropriate for Kindles, due to their formatting.  Since the forth edition was in color, it wasn't appropriate for the older Kindles either.  But with the addition of the Kindle fire and I-pad, The Complete Guide to Contracting Your Home, becomes even more useful.

Thanks to Amazon's latest Kindle KF8 format, books replete with graphics and tables are rendered far more appropriately.  They can be clicked on and expanded, which avoids the fuzzy, low resolution images common in earlier formats.  This is critical for Contracting's tables, illustrations, checklists, and forms.

Aspiring builders will now be able to take their digital version of Contracting on site, with all the illustrations, checklists, and specifications at their fingertips.  This represents a future change in authorship.  Authors will become interactive trainers through more digitally enhanced content.  In the future, videos and interactive photos will make how-to books even more useful, especially when tablets are taken onsite.

But the enhancements don't stop there.  Due to repeated requests from readers, Contracting's publisher, FW Media promises to offer digital versions of the checklists and forms on their website.  When that happens, readers will have the option to print and customize these forms to suit their own "self made" construction project.