April 2017

The official launch event for The Seventh Sun occurred April 27, at Eagle Eye Book Shop in Decatur, GA

Fiction with a scientific angle has seen a major renaissance in recent years, from The Martian to The Circle to apocalyptic novels like Wool.

From Mystery Tribune: The Seventh Sun is a science-based thriller about Black Swans: not the bird, but the event. Black swan events are those sudden and unpredictable disasters that tend to turn our world upside down.
There were many times when I wondered if this day would ever arrive, but the final hardcover copies of The Seventh Sun have arrived in bookstores. This represents a culmination of several years of drafts, queries, edits, publicity, and general mayhem.

Book signing events and panel presentations are not only a way to interact with readers, they're great for meeting fellow authors as well.  Every year the Palm Beach County Library organization hosts a panel of debut authors who get to hone t

Ahh, the lure of the writer's cabin. The vision of sitting in peaceful isolation while the muse flits to and fro, creating artistry on the page.